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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Keeps An Atom's Nucleus Together? Jesus

Bryan Fischer A.K.A  may very well have made the most insane statement of all time.
Here is a link to the video

"what is it that holds the nucleus of the atom together,how do they stay together? well now we know,it is jesus christ".

i don't know much about atoms,but i know what holds my sanity together. the hope that this fuck nut will have a massive heart attack so the IQ of our species will increase. Where do these right wingers come up with this stuff?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Justin Bieber to Be Launched Into Space

Justin Bieber to Be Launched Into Space.

now i know what your thinking. is he gonna be launched into the sun? is the government going to spend tax payer money to have Justin beiber killed by shooting him into a black hole? if only. i'd let them raise my taxes for that. The truth is,he may be launched into space in order to increase awareness of space travel and investment in space tourism.  more info here

The more i think about this,the more insulting i find it. Going into space is a massive achievement. People have worked very hard to obtain degrees,have went through intense training and proven themselves to be great humans to earn the honor to go into space,and some punk who make's shitty music is going to be one of those lucky few who gets that chance? The human race has failed.

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