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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

shut up about 911

i wish it was september 12th. thinking about it feels like i am a little kid on christmas. because i will no longer have to hear about 911. i swear every where i go today,people mention 911. i can see in the furture now,500 hundred years,we are all half robots,living to be like 300 years old,and fuck nuts still talking about 911. shut up about it. yeha people died,its sad. why do we keep bringing it up? look at all the people have died since 911,how many people have died of cancer this year? 150 thousand people die every day,why doesnt anyone get worked up about that? how many people have been killed since the war in iraq by U.S troops? how many places has america bombed? why is two buildings getting bombed a bigger deal then those things?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

obama might lose

to be honest,i dont think anyoen whos writeing is worth voteing for. i would rather vote for lex luthor then any of these fuck nuts. but if i had to choose i would go for obama. the lesser of to evils. but after reading this,it seems the cock bites in this human race may vote for mitt romney.

jesus "magic underwear" christ this makes me sick. am i the only one who thinks america is going to become a third world country someday? its just gonna get taken over by religious fundies and go to shit.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my dog

my dog died. he died a 2 years back. but here is some pictures of him i would like to share.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A World Without Religion

this guy makes a pretty good case for why a world without religion would not be a perfect place. sure no religion may be better,but come on,its laughable how some think it would be pretty much perfect.its a response to cultofdusty,who i hate a great deal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liberals Opposed Civil Rights

bryan fischer,oh how i hate thee,let me count the ways. fischer,as allways,has found something else to lie about. he seems to think that liberals where the ones that opposed civil rights. hahaha. to be honest,i dont think he really believes what he says,how could he. he just says it to bad mouth people he doesnt like.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Is This Woman A Sexual Predator?

i was watchign a video by theyoungturks on youtube called, Is This Woman A Sexual Predator? i thought it would just be a normal video,but then,cenk opened his mouth. he acted as if it was ok for a 24 year old women to kiss and be naked around a 15 year old boy. i shit you not my friend. i dont remeber the name of the lady in theyoungturks videos,but she let him have it. altho she should have smacked him. you could see this look on her face,you could tell she was pretty sick. fuck cenk. i dont really understand why people act as if a chick cant rape a boy or man. like its not fucking possable. i dont reall know what makes me more sick,cenk,or the fact alot of people commenting on the vidoe agree with him.

heres the video of theyoungturks

heres a video,altho a old one,discussing some of cenks sexism.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gay Marriage Leads To Sex With Animals

did you knwo gay marriage leads to sex with animals? you probley didnt know because its not true. bryan Fischer is yet again being a ass to gays. he seems to think if we let gays marry,then we cant stop,gotta go the whole 9 yards and let anyone marry or let anyone have with with anyone,sex with animals,kids etc. i dont even know what to say to something like that. he doesnt even provide any evidence,any facts. he just states it as if its the truth. its not the first time i have heard someone make this claim. but i never really go tit. how is gay marriage gonna led to sex with kids,or animals? i mean if you are going to say such immoral thigns abotu gays,coudlnt you at least make a decent argument for it? out of every country that has made gay marriage legal,not a singal one has made sex wiht kids legal,sex with animals legal. not one,period. But lets be honest here,we know why hes aganist gay marriage,because the bible says so. then he trys to come up with ways to make gays look evil because he knows most people wont buy into the homophobic shit the bible says.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Homosexuals Should Be Put to Death

get ready for a overdose of stupid .Salvation Army Major Andrew Craibe believes gays and lesbians should be put to death.  believes gays and lesbians should be put to death. i already had my daily intake of stupid today after watching a ray william johnson video,now it seems i may overdose. i can honestly say i did not know until now that the salvation army was such a religious thing. "Salvation Story: Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine," is a manual published by the salavation army headquarters  which cites the bible's condemnation of gays. of course some people will try and distence themselves from major asshole andrew craibe. theres probley gonna be a whole load of people who work for the salavation army that will try and mak eit look like they are aganist what he said. the salavation army has in the past tried to get governments worldwide to follow there anti-gay policies like trying to make gay sex illegal. these are all things i just learned today. i didnt know they are like that. well good to know. maybe we should sned the salvation army in iraq or something. watch them get bombed. man there is so much anti gay stuff going on in the news latley. the second obama said hes ok with gay marriage,lots of people just went nuts. anyway heres a link to huffington post about this story .

bruce lee vs predator

just thought i would share this, a kick ass photo of bruce lee vs predator. BRUCE ALL THE WAY

Monday, June 25, 2012

facebook is helping people stalk you

Facebook has a  new feature designed to help people see which Facebook users are near you.
its called "Find Friends Nearby," its distrubing to say the least. its a mobile app. when Orwell wrote "1984" he thought the government would use technology to watch your every move. turns out he was right. to be honest. i think its a matter of time before faceboo goes away like myspace. these types of sites never last. but i guess its better then twitter.

grey knights

some grey knights i painted for warhammer. not that great looking. im not to good at painting. but i hope i will get better.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

best country for women

i was looking at a study, whioch i will link here. it shows G20 countries that are best for women to live in. canada is the best,india is the worst. i am surprised that saudi ariba is above india and mexico. i would have thought it would be last. from what i now Saudi Arabia’s wealth allows better healthcare for women and better schools. i am shocked canada is first. i mean sure they dont go around beating ladies in the streets,but i live in canada and i dont really see whats so great about the way we treat them. im shocked that america is number 6. half the time when i turn on tv america channels have women who are barley over 18 running around half naked. whne brittany spears was underage she was treated like a sex object all over tv. i would like to see how america ranks up on the list of best countries for black people to live in.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trayvon threatened my life

George Zimmerman claims that trayvon martin said You're going to die tonight." now he is claiming he acted in self defence aganist trayvon. oh boy. he acted in self defence aganist a guy he was following? george shot trayvon even afte rhe begged for his life. oh yes george we all know your the victum. give me a break. its really amazing what kind of bullshit some people will come up with. george,you followed him,so even if he did threaten you,the fact is you where pretty much stalking him. if he felt threatend what did you expect trayvon to do?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gay Adoption is a Form of Sexual Abuse

oh boy,i could go on for hours how wrong htis video is. does he actually think anyone is going to take this seriously? who listens to this freak? i just wish these anti gay people would just come out and say what they really think. they are aganist gays because they think god is aganist gays. its not because they think there harmful,or gays are evil or that they turn other people gay. no,there aganist them because god is aganist them,but they know most people dont agree with that. so they have to make up some sort of non sense, and fake studies etc to make it look at if gays are evil so they cna get others on there side.
and im sure this nut job has lots of facts to back up his case. whats that? he didnt give proof? just insults and non sense to justify his hatred for gay.

Friday, June 8, 2012

obama is making kids gay?

Pastor Supports Gay Marriage

Pastor Frederick Haynes III has come out to support gay marriage rights after obamas speech where he came out in favor of it.  i felt it nesscery to bring this up since i did give alot of crap to another pastor. this guy is pretty awesome. CAN I GET A AMEN. also heres a interesting thing. hes from texas. which really makes me happy cause im so use to pastors saying crap latley about gays. and im so use to seeing people from texas being bananas. its nice to see one with his head on straight. the sad thing is,im sure theres going to be some other pastors or something that give frederick haynes crap for his support. the people at fox news are planning something evil after this.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


MrRepzion. a youtube user made a video a while ago about dating. before i saw this video my views on him where kind of sos so. He seemed nice enough. his videos where pretty good. they werent mind blowing or anything,but worth subscribeing to. However after watchin the video,i realized soemhting i never really thougth abotu before. This guy is pretty much a few steps away from being a fundie nuts job. so he doesnt want to date someone who isnt a part of his religion? Well the idea of him beign a jerk comes to mind. But im also upset about what he said in another video that was responding to his,which i will link here.

heres what he said

."you cannot give a woman your full devotion unless God is first. That's what you're not understanding. In Christian theology, when you put God first, you are able to love your wife more than you could on your own strength without God.."

So not only wont he date non christians. He thinks christians love there wife or husband more then a non christian could love there wife or husband. So yeah,if you not a christan,i guess you dont love your girlfriend that much. what a jerk. The problem with christians who want to date others christians is that these type of people love god more then anyone else,even there wife or husband. this idea that god should come first in a relationship is stupid.  i dont know how you can be in a relationship with someone who would probley dump your ass if god asked them to. I hope this guy loses alot of subscribers for this.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

pastor wants to kill gays?

i just watched a   video. it was about a pastor who wants to kill all gay people. his name is denis leatherman. to say the man is crazy is a understatement. the guys so nutty people with peanut allergies have to stay away from him.  as i was watching the video as well the the video about the pastor who wanted to put all gays behind electic fences i couldnt help but wounder what goes threw the minds of people who say this? i mean even if you agree with what he said,you must realize no one would ever go out actually do it. no country in the world unless its soem third wolrd whole would ever passs somethign like that as a law. i mean do these types of people actually think there goign to win? i mena really,these anti gay people migth as well through in the towel.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bigotry Gets A Standing Ovation

a north carolina pastor wants to put gays behind a electirc fense,so that way they wont be able to be around us and they will eventually die out cause they cant reproduce. this sounds like something hitler would say at one of his speeches. its amazing what religion will make people do. or to be more honest,its amazing what people will do to suck up to god and get into heaven. im going to put this pastor on my enemys list. right next to glenn beck and the assholes who refuse to cancel the simpsons. its funny that this pastor would say something like this. most christian are going to say these anti gya people are nuts. atheists will tell you there nuts. honestly these boobs have less support then my girlfriends tits when she doesnt wear a bra. am i th eonly one who thinks this pastor is probley gay? i wouldnt be shocked. if only we could find a gay man who hates himself enough to put the moves on this pastor and see if he reveals his true nature.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

less moral

seems the whole idea of religion making people more moral is crap. that cant be true,everyo one knows religion makes people more moral. who ever heard of a believer who was a complete asshole? not i. so im guessing this article must have been writtin by some of my fellow devil worshipping crazy evil atheists. or maybe,heres a thought,religion is filled with so much nonsense,the bible filled with so much hate towards others like gays,that it creates a very hateful view of people. makes sense to me. now we just need a study that proves religion leads to a crappy taste in music like christian rock.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


i recently saw a commerical for a site called respect then i later on in the day i saw some cars drive down the road with some stickers on it that said the same thing. i started to think more about it and after a while i thought,what about men? how come theres no site abotu respecting men? or commerical? why is it women are always seen as victums of the evil man? are you tellign me men dont get hit by women,are verbaly abused? i dont get it,why is onkly attention givin to females? its acting like men are never the victum in itself sexist? my nephew just broke up with his girlfriend a while ago because she always insulted him and hit him alot in front of his friends. so im not sure i really understand.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blood of christ

so someone has claimed to have found the blood of jesus. how do you tell its jesus blood. im no experct in these matters,but in order to tell what blood belongs to who,dont you need other blood to compare it to? how does he know its the blood of jesus? did it turn water into wine? instead of testing this blood,perhaps he should have tests done on his head.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bristol palin on gay marriage

i came across this video

so it seems that bristol palin goes on some rant about gay marriage. now i know what your thinking,what the hell kind of a name is bristle palin? sounds like the name of a type of bottled water. BRISTOL LIGHT. i really find it odd that those who are agansit gay marriage even try to ban it. even most believers these days tend to be find with it,then theres atheists like me we are fine with it. your anti gay views are never gonna be excepted worldwide.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


if you love videos games as fuck as i do,you may have heard this. SEGA is making urinal games. yeah games you play with when you piss. i shit you not. now if only they could find a way to combine playing video games and getting drunk at the same time. you would get caugth in some sort of infinate loop. play the video game where you get drunk,then run t the bathroom to play the video where you gotta take a piss,then when your bladder is empty,you go for the drunk game again,and it just goes on and on.

heres a video giving more details on it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


i love warhammer, heres some dark angles i painted a while ago. i just bought some grey knights,paint them some time soon to.