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Friday, July 20, 2012

A World Without Religion

this guy makes a pretty good case for why a world without religion would not be a perfect place. sure no religion may be better,but come on,its laughable how some think it would be pretty much perfect.its a response to cultofdusty,who i hate a great deal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liberals Opposed Civil Rights

bryan fischer,oh how i hate thee,let me count the ways. fischer,as allways,has found something else to lie about. he seems to think that liberals where the ones that opposed civil rights. hahaha. to be honest,i dont think he really believes what he says,how could he. he just says it to bad mouth people he doesnt like.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Is This Woman A Sexual Predator?

i was watchign a video by theyoungturks on youtube called, Is This Woman A Sexual Predator? i thought it would just be a normal video,but then,cenk opened his mouth. he acted as if it was ok for a 24 year old women to kiss and be naked around a 15 year old boy. i shit you not my friend. i dont remeber the name of the lady in theyoungturks videos,but she let him have it. altho she should have smacked him. you could see this look on her face,you could tell she was pretty sick. fuck cenk. i dont really understand why people act as if a chick cant rape a boy or man. like its not fucking possable. i dont reall know what makes me more sick,cenk,or the fact alot of people commenting on the vidoe agree with him.

heres the video of theyoungturks

heres a video,altho a old one,discussing some of cenks sexism.