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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

shut up about 911

i wish it was september 12th. thinking about it feels like i am a little kid on christmas. because i will no longer have to hear about 911. i swear every where i go today,people mention 911. i can see in the furture now,500 hundred years,we are all half robots,living to be like 300 years old,and fuck nuts still talking about 911. shut up about it. yeha people died,its sad. why do we keep bringing it up? look at all the people have died since 911,how many people have died of cancer this year? 150 thousand people die every day,why doesnt anyone get worked up about that? how many people have been killed since the war in iraq by U.S troops? how many places has america bombed? why is two buildings getting bombed a bigger deal then those things?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

obama might lose

to be honest,i dont think anyoen whos writeing is worth voteing for. i would rather vote for lex luthor then any of these fuck nuts. but if i had to choose i would go for obama. the lesser of to evils. but after reading this,it seems the cock bites in this human race may vote for mitt romney.

jesus "magic underwear" christ this makes me sick. am i the only one who thinks america is going to become a third world country someday? its just gonna get taken over by religious fundies and go to shit.