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Sunday, June 3, 2012


MrRepzion. a youtube user made a video a while ago about dating. before i saw this video my views on him where kind of sos so. He seemed nice enough. his videos where pretty good. they werent mind blowing or anything,but worth subscribeing to. However after watchin the video,i realized soemhting i never really thougth abotu before. This guy is pretty much a few steps away from being a fundie nuts job. so he doesnt want to date someone who isnt a part of his religion? Well the idea of him beign a jerk comes to mind. But im also upset about what he said in another video that was responding to his,which i will link here.

heres what he said

."you cannot give a woman your full devotion unless God is first. That's what you're not understanding. In Christian theology, when you put God first, you are able to love your wife more than you could on your own strength without God.."

So not only wont he date non christians. He thinks christians love there wife or husband more then a non christian could love there wife or husband. So yeah,if you not a christan,i guess you dont love your girlfriend that much. what a jerk. The problem with christians who want to date others christians is that these type of people love god more then anyone else,even there wife or husband. this idea that god should come first in a relationship is stupid.  i dont know how you can be in a relationship with someone who would probley dump your ass if god asked them to. I hope this guy loses alot of subscribers for this.

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