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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gay Adoption is a Form of Sexual Abuse

oh boy,i could go on for hours how wrong htis video is. does he actually think anyone is going to take this seriously? who listens to this freak? i just wish these anti gay people would just come out and say what they really think. they are aganist gays because they think god is aganist gays. its not because they think there harmful,or gays are evil or that they turn other people gay. no,there aganist them because god is aganist them,but they know most people dont agree with that. so they have to make up some sort of non sense, and fake studies etc to make it look at if gays are evil so they cna get others on there side.
and im sure this nut job has lots of facts to back up his case. whats that? he didnt give proof? just insults and non sense to justify his hatred for gay.

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