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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gay Marriage Leads To Sex With Animals

did you knwo gay marriage leads to sex with animals? you probley didnt know because its not true. bryan Fischer is yet again being a ass to gays. he seems to think if we let gays marry,then we cant stop,gotta go the whole 9 yards and let anyone marry or let anyone have with with anyone,sex with animals,kids etc. i dont even know what to say to something like that. he doesnt even provide any evidence,any facts. he just states it as if its the truth. its not the first time i have heard someone make this claim. but i never really go tit. how is gay marriage gonna led to sex with kids,or animals? i mean if you are going to say such immoral thigns abotu gays,coudlnt you at least make a decent argument for it? out of every country that has made gay marriage legal,not a singal one has made sex wiht kids legal,sex with animals legal. not one,period. But lets be honest here,we know why hes aganist gay marriage,because the bible says so. then he trys to come up with ways to make gays look evil because he knows most people wont buy into the homophobic shit the bible says.

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