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Saturday, June 23, 2012

best country for women

i was looking at a study, whioch i will link here. it shows G20 countries that are best for women to live in. canada is the best,india is the worst. i am surprised that saudi ariba is above india and mexico. i would have thought it would be last. from what i now Saudi Arabia’s wealth allows better healthcare for women and better schools. i am shocked canada is first. i mean sure they dont go around beating ladies in the streets,but i live in canada and i dont really see whats so great about the way we treat them. im shocked that america is number 6. half the time when i turn on tv america channels have women who are barley over 18 running around half naked. whne brittany spears was underage she was treated like a sex object all over tv. i would like to see how america ranks up on the list of best countries for black people to live in.

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