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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bigotry Gets A Standing Ovation

a north carolina pastor wants to put gays behind a electirc fense,so that way they wont be able to be around us and they will eventually die out cause they cant reproduce. this sounds like something hitler would say at one of his speeches. its amazing what religion will make people do. or to be more honest,its amazing what people will do to suck up to god and get into heaven. im going to put this pastor on my enemys list. right next to glenn beck and the assholes who refuse to cancel the simpsons. its funny that this pastor would say something like this. most christian are going to say these anti gya people are nuts. atheists will tell you there nuts. honestly these boobs have less support then my girlfriends tits when she doesnt wear a bra. am i th eonly one who thinks this pastor is probley gay? i wouldnt be shocked. if only we could find a gay man who hates himself enough to put the moves on this pastor and see if he reveals his true nature.

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