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Saturday, October 22, 2011

work blows

‎i'm a carpenter. i can't walk on water tho. anyway, i'm working in a really small town. i won't say where,but trust me its a hole. its isolated,you have to take a plane just to get out cause there are no roads. about 1000 people,and a large crime rate for such a small place. the sucide rate is really high. 3 people have hung themselves since i started work here. and i was told 9 people last year hung themselves here. its come to the point in which hanging or suicide is not even shocking anymore. its just a everyday thing.

me: so brad what where you up to today?

brad (guy i work with): oh not much. i went to the restaurnt and order a chicken sandwhich and they gave me a turkey by mistake. oh and two guys hung themselves.

me: oh my god! they gave you turkey?

i'm working on building a house for some people. so you may ask yourself,why woulld i do it? is it the patheic 16 dollars a hour i get paid,or is it the fact that i get to build a house and help a loving family have there own home. its all about the 16 dollars trust me.

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