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Thursday, October 20, 2011

ray ray go away.

i was on ray comforts blog today. why? was it because i had nothing to do,or was it because i had far to many brain cells taking up space and felt like getting rid of a few by reading the non sense that is ray comforts blog. anyway, he had a video involving william "lame" craig just yacking on and on about how atheists are not as smart as they think and other crap. the reason i am bringing this up is,why does ray keep saying he "loves us" atheists and wants to save us from hell and what not,yet he keeps going on and on like the energizer bunny on speed about how atheist are stupid? i think this is one of the many reasons why i know ray doesn't care if someone goes to hell,he is just into doing what ever makes his religion look good to make money.

oh and ray if you ever read this blog,which i dought you will because i'm certain you can't read. do me a favor please. when you do finally die just like i have been wishing for on every shooting star i have ever seen,please donate your body to science. not for medical reasons, i just want scientists to cut you open so they can find out how can a man with no brain can actually live to be your age. thanks.

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